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Bails have a soft touch


BLACK River Cattle Equipment Co head bails are an integral part of its innovative Soft Touch cattle-handling solutions.

All Black River bails can be fitted with the Silent Catch, which is a locking device that allows infinite adjustment and silent, jam-free operation.

Many of the company's crushes and vet units have bails that are fitted with the catch as standard equipment.

Models include:
Walk Thru Head Bail only, fitted with Silent Catch.

Silent Catch sold separately.
Bull Master Walk Thru Head Bail with Silent Catch.

Walk Thru Bail (pawl and ratchet).

Walk Thru Bail (pawl and ratchet) in frame only with lugs.

Sliding head bail (pawl and ratchet) in frame only.

Please contact us for prices on our entire range of bails.

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