Exporting to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra, Brunei, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Thailand.

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Black River crushes come in a range of sizes with many options.

A drop-down style calf-branding table, fitted with the new stainless steel spear locks.

Cattle are loaded with one of our portable, easy-to-erect ramps, fitted with a safe, non-slip, wooden floor.


Manufacturers of :

Cattle crushes

  • Basic crush

  • Crush and vet units

  • Crush and vet Supa 90, with parallel squeeze

  • Bull Master '99 extra wide

  • Bull tipping table

  • Crushes available with sliding bails, walk-through bail and optional extras.

    Calf table/cradle

  • Available in two designs, as a drop-down cradle or a table up off the ground, with optional locking devices.

    Calf equipment

  • Panels (sheeted or unsheeted)
  • Slam-shut and slide gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Race joiners

    Horse, sheep and goat equipment

  • Horse stalls
  • Drum lickers
  • Hay feeders
  • Spear traps
  • Molasses mixers
  • Scale races
  • Electronic scales
  • Rodeo chutes



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